Come Dance With Us

Come Dance with Us


Want some home dancing?

Hello dance friends,

I know there is no square dancing for anybody right now so I produced the first three in a series of recordings for ONE-COUPLE DANCING.  This is for everyone to keep active at home.  These three dances will give you 15 minutes of activity so play them twice for your 30 minute workout.  Switch places with your partner and dance them again.

I'll add some each week.  Here is the link to where you can find the dance tips.  They are free to download or stream.

Happy dancing from Buddy Weaver

Hats On! Dance

Friday, June 19th - CANCELED

First, glue, pin, or tape your hats on (so they won't fly off during a swing!), then head straight for Painted Rock Elementary School for some mainstream fun with caller John Marus and cuer Pat Carnathan. Pre-Rounds from 7:00 to 7:40 and  Squares from 7:40 to 9:40.



Chocolate Fantasy Dance, February 21st

 The Chocolate Fantasy Dance was held at Painted Rock Elementary on Friday, February 21st.  Steve Moore was the caller for the evening and Rey Garza was the cuer. Thank you to the hospitality team, led by Dan and Linda, for the delightful chocolate treats.

Click on a photo in the Gallery below to see it a larger size.

Friday Night Fever, January 31st

We all remember those first dances!  "Staying Alive, Staying Alive!"  Thanks to our thoughtful leaders, a square dance only party for our students and recent graduates was held at Painted Rock Elementary on Friday, January 31st.  Dennis Young was the caller for the evening.  A big thank you to the students for coming and to all the angels who were there to lend a helping hand.

Pizza Madness, Friday, January 17th

Pizza, (savory or sweet!), salads, dancing with calls from Andy Allemao, cues with John Downing and dancers from near and far, made for a wonderfully spicy evening! Thank you to a great hospitality team and all the Wranglers who helped with set-up and clean-up.

Holiday Celebration, Friday, December 20th

The Wranglers hosted their Holiday Celebration Dance at Painted Rock Elementary School on December 20, 2019 with Buddy Weaver calling the squares and Bill Davenport cueing the rounds.  

Cranberry Crush, Friday, November 15th


For the Wranglers and their guests, autumn arrived on Friday, November 15th, at the Cranberry Crush Dance held at Painted Rock Elementary. Rey Garza cued the graceful round dancers and Mike Haworth called for the enthusiastic squares of dancers (see video below).  Hospitality provided a bounty of good foods including cranberry harvest salad, spicy cranberry sauce over meatballs, cranberry chicken sandwiches, and cranberry cake!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!