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A New Class Just Around the Corner Starting on March 23rd & 30th 

Come to Our Modern American Social Square Dance (SSD) Class - Internationally renowned Caller/Instructor--Buddy Weaver


Starting: Thursdays, March 23rd, 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Where: Seven Oaks Community Center, 16789 Bernardo Oaks Drive, SD (Rancho Bernardo)

March 23rd and 30th classes are free.

Free Intro to Square Dance Mar..jpg


The link below is connected to the list of calls and when they were taught. Each call is linked to a video of Buddy teaching or practicing the call AND/OR an explanation and animation of each call.

See a list of taught calls, and videos of Buddy teaching them!

More Help

For more help practicing calls, see the bottom of this page, where there are links to other animated websites and Saddleback Squares (videos of real people demonstrating each call).



Other Class Level Dance Opportunities:

For other classes and dancing opportunities check out

Other New Graduate Level Dance Opportunities:

If you are a graduate needing extra practice to help to prepare you for dances, or you are just a bit rusty, you may consider...

Look for alternating dances - Mainstream and Plus.

Attending Conferences

- Classes are held at all levels

Attending Class Workshops

- PSDA puts on class workshops at different times of the year. These classes take place in Vista and are taught by various callers. Hearing different callers helps because you may hear the calls in different order than your original class instructor.

Attend an ongoing class and help

- As a graduate you may volunteer to help at The Wranglers Class on Thursday nights for free.

- Contact other clubs in the area for their policies on helping in their classes.

Try taking a class for a second time

Party Night - Fun Level Dance

San Diego Callers Association

4th Saturday of the month

Perfect for class members who have finished the Basic Program, and everyone else!     Cost is $5

No instruction, just the fun of DANCING all night!  


Lemon Grove Methodist Church 

3205 Washington Street, Lemon Grove.

Classes 1st, 3rd, & 4th Sundays

Sponsored by the Sundown Dancers (La Mesa Square Dance Club)

Instructor: Andy Allemao    Donation: $5.00

Classes followed by regular dancing/reteaching. These classes can be great for new graduates to practice and reinforce their skills.

The class is followed by some plus level dancing.

Check their website for current information.

Senior Enrichment Center (Air Conditioned Hall)

8450 La Mesa Blvd.

La Mesa, CA  91941

Recent Grads


Click on a photo in the Gallery below to see it a larger size.


  • Buddy Weaver started calling in 1977 while still in school, living in Honolulu, Hawaii

  • He is a third generation square dance caller who now resides in San Diego, California

  • Buddy is an accredited member of CALLERLAB since 1981, Vice-Chairman of the Music Producers Committee, and an experienced coach in the art of calling

  • Buddy conducts seminars in the United States, Japan, and Europe on many square dance calling subjects

  • He also writes a monthly music review column along with an op-ed article on making square dancing better for the dancers

  • His articles appear in the American Square Dance magazine and the Northeastern Square Dance magazine

  • Buddy has been active in the Square Dance recording industry since 1981, with over 300 vocals released


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