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Wranglers host dances monthly, typically on 3rd Friday nights, with occasional dances on 4th Saturday nights. Check the calendar for specifics on dates and times.

Check our homepage and calendar to confirm time, date and location of dances!


Check our homepage and calendar to confirm time, date and location of dances!


Wrangler Visitations


The practice of one club “visiting” the dance of another club is a long time square dance tradition. In some parts of the country it’s called “traveling”; in others , “banner raiding”. Rules vary (a lot) but in a successful “raid” the visiting club brings enough of its members to the visited club’s dance to qualify for one or more of their “banners”.


Visitations add a touch of competitiveness and fun while encouraging greater attendance at other clubs' dances. Nice as our collection is, the point of raiding isn’t really to get banners—it’s to promote fellowship between the clubs. Also, when a club has new members , they can be assured of some familiar faces to square up with if they go along as part of a “visitation” group. But most of all, as one sage has put it,“a club that does not visit may not get many visitors.” If we want folks to come to our dances (and we do!), we have to go to theirs too. 

We encourage our members to visit other clubs by going to their dances, and by helping out at their classes if needed.

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19-20 Board.JPG

2019-20 Wrangler Board and Appointees

2018-19 Wrangler Board and Appointees


2019-20 Presidents Steve and Marty

Special News:

Wrangler of the Year!

At the Wranglers' 46th Anniversary Dance on Friday, May 17th, Presidents Mike and Janet presented President Sheri with the club's Wrangler of the Year Award.  Dubbed "our dancing queen", she represents the Wranglers at more dances in PSDA and around the state than any one else in the club.  In addition to being one of our presidents, Sheri has served as the secretary of the Palomar Square Dancing Association for three years and is about to take on the role of 1st Vice President of PSDA.  She has served at the State Convention as head of Hospitality and has been and continues to be the chair of the Pink Ribbon Benefit Dance. Congratulations, Sheri! 

2017-18 Wrangler Board

Board Recognized at Graduation Class, June 2019


The Wranglers took a break from the music and dancing as V.P.'s Marty and Steve expressed the club's gratitude for the hours of hard work and dedication from the members of the Board, and in particular, our class managers Peter, Ron, and Sheila. 


While the club dress is not mandatory, it is especially indicative of the Wranglers' presence when all club members are in the same "look". The current club look is:

  • Dark Blue Jeans and Chambray Long Sleeve Shirt for Men

  • Dark Denim Skirt or Pants and Chambray or White Blouse for Women

  • Red Bandana or Other Accent

Dancers are free to choose whatever styles of each item suit them best. The club dress is usually worn to these dances:

  • Anniversary Dance

  • Class Graduation

  • Wranglers Club Visitations to other square dance clubs (dates)


Square Dance Links



Vista Community Center (Dances, Classes) Map

642 Vista Village Drive

Vista, CA 92084


PSDA Clubs 

Vista Community Center (Dances, Classes) Map

642 Vista Village Drive

Vista, CA 92084

Temecula Community Recreation Center (Dances) Map

30875 Rancho Vista Rd

Temecula, CA 92592

Woman's Club Of Carlsbad (Dances) Map

3320 Monroe St

Carlsbad, CA 92008

New Venture Christian Fellowship (Classes)

4000 Mystra Drive

Oceanside, CA 92056

Woman's Club Of Carlsbad (Dances, Classes) Map

3320 Monroe St

Carlsbad, CA 92008

The Barn (Dances) Map

1950 Sycamore Srive

San Marcos, CA 92069


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