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The Wranglers are a modern western square dancing club. We dance to a variety of music types, everything from pop to traditional country to Broadway musical to contemporary country music, even rock, Motown, techno, and hip-hop. Clothing is casual or traditional, and singles and/or couples are welcome.


We are a fun and active plus level square dance club in North County San Diego. We dance at various Poway Unified School District schools on the third Friday or fourth Saturday of the month.

The Wranglers host dances, including benefit dances for worthy organizations, and visit other clubs' dances. They also hold square dancing classes that start in the late summer of each year, running approximately nine months.


There have been Wranglers dancing in San Diego for more than 45 years. We hope you enjoy the information posted here about our activities past and present. But even more - we hope you get off the couch, turn off the TV and come dance with us! It is a lot more than "doh see doh". 


A Bit of History

The Westwood Wranglers Square Dance Club was formed April 9, 1973, after nine couples completed a square dance class. The group first met and danced at the Westwood Club in Rancho Bernardo. Thus the club is officially incorporated as the "Westwood Wranglers." However, membership now comes from a wide local area, and the club no longer meets at the Westwood Club, so we refer to ourselves as "WRANGLERS".

Wranglers 46th Anniversary Dance, Friday May 17, 2019


The Wranglers, decked out in denim and red bandanas, gathered to dance and celebrate the 46th anniversary of the Wrangler Square Dance Club.  This club was started in 1973 by nine couples who had just completed a square dance class. Their first banner with the original club logo was on display and can be seen in some of the evening's photos here.  Shauna Kaaria cued the rounds and Caller Buddy Weaver made it an extra fun celebration.

Wranglers Annual Benefit Dance

Wranglers, as well as dancers from many clubs around the county, turn out for great evenings to benefit the non-profit organization, Reality Changers. Students from the organization attend and enthusiastically share their inspiring stories.  Net proceeds go to support Reality Changers in their mission to provide academic support, financial assistance, and leadership training for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to become college graduates.   


Caller Andy Alameo gave the students a few mini-lessons so they could square up for a tip with the group, and of course the room was immediately filled with smiles.



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